Yacht rigging is done by our Hale Projects team using Wireteknik equipment (www.wireteknik.se) allows us to manufacture rigging up to 16mm. 

Please contact James to discuss your requirements james@yachtandboatsurveys.com or 07879 551 508

We only use high-quality stainless steel rigging components from Petersen (www.petersen-stainless.co.uk) a UK manufacturer to assure a high quality product. Quality rigging manufactured at a reasonable price.

If you look here at this photograph taken by James, you will see where the 4 lower 12mm rigging shrouds attach to the mast. At this point the front right wire has a compression type fitting, the other 3 are swaged. This fitting used to be a wire swaged fitting and it was reported split and replaced by the previous owner of this vessel. The repair was done by fitting a compression fitting? Although it is not very clear in this photograph, if you look carefully at the rear left fitting the wire is angled at the exit of the swaged fitting. The wire is pulling on the swaged fitting in a sideways motion and this fitting is is under stress loading it is not designed to take (49 foot sloop sail yacht).

 The reason that this is happening is because the spreader bolt acts as an anchor for the wire shroud swaged fitting, no problem there, however the one piece stainless steel jaw toggle serves both the forward and the rear shroud fitting, and therefore it can only align with one shroud mounting at the deck.  This leads to the misalignment of the other shroud. The solution is to split the Stainless steel jaw toggle this will allow articulation at the swaged fitting allowing both shrouds to line up in a straight line with the deck fitting. 

This is a common problem found on many mast rigs, not only on the lowers but on the foresail too. 

 Simply replacing the existing rigging without attending to the misalignment and proper articulation of the fittings, which would allow a straight shroud wire would not be the answer in this case.